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Once in a life time, three powerful individuals cross paths; they come together to encourage, inspire and educate! Meet the founders of M.E.D Conversations. Moni, Ema and Dawn!
Listen to interesting perspectives from interesting minds who appear to be on different paths yet on the same journey. Now more determined to enjoy the journey and embrace the destination fulfilled,
M E D conversations are about life’s challenges and solutions.
They analyse and discuss a variety of topics that involve our existing in this somewhat scary and revealing year 2020; looking at the benefits of introspection and desire to find a deeper sense of purpose as we navigate the New Normal…

CORE BELIEFS (Zoom Meeting - 06/09/2020)
BEING SPONTANEOUS (Zoom Meeting - 23/08/2020)
EFFECTS OF THE PANDEMIC (Zoom Meeting - 16/08/2020)
RAISING OUR CHILDREN (Zoom Meeting - 02/08/2020)
LOOKING FOR ANSWERS (Zoom Meeting - 26/07/2020)
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Quote of the day

“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize”

— Voltaire
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