04 April 2014

What if, and this is just a theory, ALL of, and I do mean ALL, our known ‘ruler/s’ (ruler/s: ‘any such person/s we have either selected or elected to represent us in some administrating fashion’) that represent countries participating in today’s global economics, What if, all of them are compromised and are working collectively to an opposing agenda to that which we chose them for?
Yes…, I am suggesting that All of them have been instructed to follow a specific pattern-of-play, one accordingly designed to an agenda set by a ‘Hidden Hand.’

We assume progress is being made, but most of that is theatre. With the technology available, if we wanted all major problems solved, they would be, and that’s a fact. We are, instead, on a self destructive path whichever way you look at it.

So, what if this hidden hand, that till now has not made public its intentions, is not human?

Why would any human being destroy its own habitat, knowingly poison its own sustenance, believing they can control the aftermath? Unless, they have experience at doing this, or perhaps, the intent is to prepare this environment for someone or something else that would find this state of destruction more habitable?

Whenever I attempt to look past the implanted confusions and chaos I can identify, and consider more the purpose of trends most of us follow, I come up with this analysis/conclusion. It all makes no sense to me otherwise. If we feel some kind of affinity for each other, either as a race of people or a species, then we would, ideally, treat ourselves and each other better. Perhaps some of the people do this now, but our ‘ruler/s’ evidently do not. The things needed to be done to guarantee justice and survival is being neglected for the superficial, and/or events that help keep the status quo.

I believe they (the ruler/s) pacify us with this illusion of progress, and by division. I don’t believe we are close to being as we should, while existing in this world, as supposed. Our relationships are nowhere close to being as they ought to be. The smartest and most powerful of us know this, yet they persist with the opposite, why?

Of what use is wealth if there’s nothing to use it for?
Of what use is a master when they are no slaves?

The real substance, what we all need, is taken, and for granted, by a hidden hand.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

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