Excerpt from Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization

During my read, I got to a part of the book that moved me immensely. It made me think deep and hard about the solutions we need to overcome Racism/White Supremacy, upon realizing just how deep its roots are planted.





The picture becomes clear, however, when we know that the “Black” migrations were not always all-black. Some of these were Afro-Asians, some had a few white Asians, other groups were entirely Afro-Berber or Afro-Arab. These often tended to form an independent ethnic group, keeping to themselves. There were also some groups of Berbers and, later, Arabs who migrated from the Sahara to favourable locations in the interior. So, as stated above, since we are here considering the earliest migrations from the Sahara, to find “Caucasoid” remains in any part of Africa today is really without any particular significance. Such finds obviously do not justify the conclusions reached by many writers.

But these experts on Africa are not ignorant of the essential facts and outcomes of migrations. This is certainly true of those who have studied the dispersions and the mixing of peoples over the millenniums. They know, but there is apparently a deeply felt need, an urgent and almost desperate compulsion to justify the power position of the white world over the non-white peoples. That white power is so all-encompassing that the task of Western scholarship, in particular, is easy enough.

First of all, they are not only supported by the almost limitless wealth amassed from the exploited people of the earth, but they also still control, directly or indirectly, the economic life of every Black state today. This is equally true of numerous non-African countries—still poor and begging, while their wealth is being drained off to the already rich countries. Secondly, they control world education and science {Only institutions of their measure offer recognition and accreditation for any such discoveries that are allowed to impact society, globally – Ea2}. Scholarship, supported by millions of dollars, far from being independent and “objective,” has generally served its masters well, becoming arrogant and overbearing in the process. Their most powerful weapon is a single word—science. Having successfully raised science far above religion in the faith of people generally, they may now present almost any proposition or conclusion as “scientific” and gain wide acceptance. The age has passed when men listened with reverence when it was declared that “Thus saith the Lord.” Now one simply has to say, “according to science…” or “most scholars are agreed…,” etc. Finally, the universities spearheaded the final economic triumph of the West over the rest of the world. Science pushed the partnership of big corporate wealth and big government into exciting fields of inventions and discoveries. Weapons of universal destruction actually out-distanced the technology of time and space.

Who, then, could question white supremacy? Who dared to challenge viewpoints held by scholars with this awesome array of power behind them? Certainly nothing coming from the Blacks required any serious consideration. The mind transplant had been most successful as an operation on the Blacks.

Having lost the full honour of manhood that comes only from the pride of racial worth and identity, the Black man’s mind generally operates favourably towards his white enemies and negatively toward himself and his kind.

No one knows this better than the whites. They have, therefore, had a free and unchallenged hand in reodering the Land of the Blacks as they saw fit, classifying and naming people, places and things just as they pleased. The Blacks were non-persons or no-bodies in their own land. From one end of the continent to the other Black youth saw great monuments and statues of Europeans only, European and Arab names for African roads, hills, lakes, towns and cities. One youngster, whose ancestors had migrated from the north centuries ago, stood gazing at a statue of Cecil Rhodes. “He is in our school books too!” he proudly informed his parents. The smile left as he asked, “But why are our great men forgotten? We never hear about them.” As none could answer, there was silence. This particular group belonged to a family that was 2,000 miles from the known “original” home. This refers to the place that oral tradition declares to be the original home. But we know that the “place of origin” often given in the oral records means the place where the group lived for so many generations that previous homesites during these long drawn-out migrations had been forgotten. What they had forgotten, however, was less tragic than their ignorance of some of the well-known facts of their more recent history as a people. The boy had raised important questions. They could not answer because they are Blacks of Rhodesia. What little history they knew was white Rhodesian history—and this they could learn from Rhodes and Ian Smith. They did not know that they had been living for generations in the center of what was once one of the greatest Black empires in Africa, norhad they ever heard of the great African leader of that empire, Emperor Mutota. As elsewhere, Rhodesian history began with the coming of the whites. All before that is “unknown pre-history.”

pg. 201 – 202, The Destruction of Black Civilization, by Chancellor Williams.



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