About Life and the After-life…?

The future is untold, but the present is evident. To live for the future is to allow fear determine ones reality. I agree, prudent planning is necessary, but not at the expense of experiencing the Now. Life is a gift, one we should embrace and cherish, moment to moment. Of what use is a future that is void of memory? Evidently, we always celebrate in the present, express our joy in the now, and we feel love in the moment. To live in anticipation is to ignore the benefits from the moment. Life if for the living, and the living exist in the present…

It is the fear of death that encourages one to search for what happens after it occurs. Accepting it as part of the journey would remove, to a certain degree, this anxiety. And we spend more our time living and loving, embracing the gift of live and exploring our consciousness. We did not create ourselves, so we cannot determine the course of our outcome…

Response to ‘About Life and the After-life’ – 05/09/13

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