“The true power lies with the people, and soon, we will all realise this and unite in solidarity. The suppression of ‘truth’ and oppression of freedoms using war and debt; the social conditioning and attempts to control minds using the media, religion, corruption, and all other despicable means; none of these are sustainable, with the spread of awareness and the revelation of consciousness we see¬†accelerating today. So, Elitists and Imperialist, you can drone all you want, war all you want, steal all you want, detain whoever you want, but you cannot and will never be able to tame nature. For in the end, as history has shown, you and your kind will always lose. It is in your nature to lose, why? Because you use fear to manipulate and control. Because, eventually, it is your greed that will consume you. Your lack of trust in what is fundamentally good will ensure you turn on yourselves. We only have to endure your blows until we find the courage to look past our differences. And when that happens, and it will, you will be witness to your own demise with eyes wide shut…”

– Ea2

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