“Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without.” – Merovingian (Matrix Reloaded)

On the surface, this sounds an arrogant quote, and perhaps it is, but it does speak about our reality on a few levels. We assume we have the choice to do what we want, yet most of us cannot exercise that choice; maybe because of external restrictions imposed upon by, say: society, our inherited belief systems, our financial disposition, or whatever our unique reason maybe… But that restriction is for most based on a fear of reprisal from the institution that imposed those restrictions in the 1st place. This is the reality.
And so most of us continue to assume we have ‘choice’ even when we, on some level, are aware that we cannot exercise it. This, in my opinion, is equivalent to not having the choice at all, and the continued promotion of this illusion of choice is self defeating. I’d rather admit that I do not have the choice, for this keeps my perspectives in check.

For me, ‘choice’ must remain a path I take based on an internal resolution and a conclusion made with awareness of consequences; whether guided by instinct or a purpose predefined. But the world I live in, the reality I exist in, (which is by design) expands the notion of this ‘illusion of choice’, and of course at the expense of my right to have free choice; one independent of such external manipulation/s.

Well, my choices now are founded in the internal; as of what to believe about myself first and foremost, and the true value of my desires. And when I come upon a situation that requires I engage in downgrading myself to the levels suggested by this manipulative self-serving system of control most refer to as reality, I stay aware of the fact that my choices in this realm must be subjective, for some of the evident ones fed to me are not useful in any real sense of accomplishing.

Perhaps that’s why the adage: “You cant have your cake and eat it…”, one I find incredibly ridiculous, still holds so much water…

A moment in reaction.

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