Excerpts from A Letter

“I never regarded money that high up on my list, and even though I realize its value within the illusion we live in, I refuse to get sucked into its delusional sphere. I have seen, over the years, what the love and desire to expand can do to a family, to a person, to a mind. It happened to me. Greed cost me everything I had and cherished, including time with my son that I can never get back… You know, money is an idea, one designed to be a means to an end and not the end itself. The world is driven by growth and profit to such a point that greed now dictates the amount of love we even share. Fuck that! I don’t want to be a part of that madness… I was lucky back then, I went bankrupt. It was a liberating experience cause I came to realize I didn’t need to do what I had done to survive; I didn’t need to allow fear dictate the pace of my reasoning.”

– Excerpts from A Letter

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