I am voice of the Creator. I carry in me, all of His favour–I am Truth!

I am above all kings and all men. I am the one entity that even words cannot bend – I am Truth!

I am so that even death cannot enslave me. Neither can the fear of loss detain me – I am Truth!

I am that which no man has ever failed to ponder. Evidence of his sweet surrender – I am Truth!

I am the just cause used to gain liberty. A voice that lives to preserve sovereignty – I am Truth!

I am confirmation that you were part of a history. Sent here to outlast your victory – I am Truth!

I am the proof of love in all of your perceptions. The sincere path in all your directions – I am Truth!

I am the one who shall outlive thee. Because in my presence, all lies shall forever flee – I am Truth!

I am the indisputable fact you can always put to the test. The sort of evidence that no man can contest – I am Truth!

I am a severe burden for those who choose to hide me. I become retribution for those who despise me – I am Truth!

I am that never-ending path towards enlightenment. The proof that is needed for any settlement – I am Truth!

I am the pathway to all suggestive righteousness. The road less travelled to affirm consciousness – I am Truth!

I am without form, sound, or feeling. But be certain that I am the chosen voice to define reason – I am Truth!

I am the way, the path, the absolute fact. Wherever I lay present, all integrity stays intact – I am Truth!

I am the undeniable, the indisputable, the incalculable, the very absolute – I am truth, plain and simple.

Embrace me now, let me be told, and I will set you free.

For I am the medicine for survival, the cause of any revival, I am the only one that goes beyond vital.

I have the power to destroy you, the power to hold you bound; because regardless, I will always be found.



Ea2 © Copyright 2011

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