Handling Distractions

In today’s world of misinformation and addictive distractions, a lot of our time is spent partaking in activities that livens and entertains us, but unfortunately takes our attention away from events that really matter; events that matter to our livelihood and our future; event that shape our existence and define its continuity. I refer to the current affairs affecting the planet we inhabit – the way we relate to and treat Her, and most especially, the way we relate to and treat ourselves and each other.

Today banks, politicians and multi-national corporations (who I will refer to here sometimes as ‘BPMC’) play a major role in creating the social and economic realities we exist in. We, the majority of the people, have surrendered control of our future to those whose lust for powers supersedes their moral integrity. We have allowed the BPMC’s to forge and dictate the narrative that we, the majority of the people, currently adhere to and live by because they control the main stream sources of information and entertainment, which, unfortunately, is what supplies us with a sizeable percentage of what we subscribe to and absorb daily. This scripted misinformation we absorb over time is what we now use to form opinions about our moral standards, the issues affecting the world we live in and ourselves.

I have since come to the conclusion that the narrative we, majority of the people, are fed daily by the BPMC’s serves more their agenda that it does our growth because it is designed to keep more people ignorant, while preserving the illusion of entitlement for the few who are thus privileged. This narrative is usually divisive, deceptive, and most certainly destructive to us as a collective, but it also maintains the illusion of inclusiveness, even when that isn’t the evident obvious. And I suspect that is the reason why many continue to subscribe to it as gospel; for even if on some level we, majority of the people,  recognise and realise their intent, our egos combined with ignorance tends to keeps us in a perpetual state of assumptions, while real facts stare at us, and most times, in plain sight.

It has become evident that we, majority of the people, do not own our consciousness anymore; perhaps, we simply lease it when necessary. By this I mean we do not directly influence our train of thought to a point where our contributions become effective. We, majority of the people, are way too distracted most of the time, albeit with social media, sports and/or all other forms of entertainments.

I know I sound all doom and gloom, but this is not what my intention is. I am simply acknowledging my interpretation of what I think the problem is, or are. My conclusion is that our minds have been hijacked.

So the question now is: how do we take back our minds?

Well, logic suggests that the only way to treat any ‘dis-ease’ in the body is to first identify it; make aware its symptoms and behaviour, then find a remedy to counter those symptoms.

How we take back our minds? For starters, we need tell ourselves the Truth, always, even when we intend to lie to someone else. We have to be brutally honest about all intentions concerning our thoughts, speech and actions. We need to tell ourselves the absolute truth about how we feel, what we are thinking, and what we intend to do.

This, in my opinion, is a good place to start when decide to make a committed decision to take our minds back. I say committed decision because it’s a decision each individual must make alone and commit to. No one should influence this decision if you decide this is what you want to do. It really has nothing to do with anyone else, just the person who chooses. This way, whoever makes the decision has to own the responsibility for their decision, regardless of whether they take any action based on it not. Once they themselves decide to stop lying to themselves and commit to that choice, if they want results they must act accordingly and do whatever they feel they must to become better versions of themselves.

What I am offering here is a suggestion, one according to my observation of the order of nature. I do not know of other inhabitants of nature that tell lies to themselves. For me, it’s that simple because I am a part of nature and must function thus.

It might sound like some new-age jibe, but if we seriously took the time to observe ourselves; our thoughts, speech and actions; we would realise just how many times we attempt to lie to ourselves, and most times, we are unaware that are doing so. This could be as a result of our social conditioning, habits we inherited through osmosis, ways to cope with insecurity that we have developed over time. What we need to do now is track this behaviour, bring it to full awareness, and then begin to correct it by making small and incremental changes that can be sustained. This way you can measure your progress and sustain the changes made.

I say this because I have tried it and can attest to it being a successful technique with regards to taking back control of my mind. I am still susceptible to the machinations of the governing system because I have to exist within society, but at least the decisions I make, the actions I take, are for the most guided more by consciousness than insecurities or greed, and that a good beginning for a success story.

I recall one particular day; I wanted to show off my position as a business owner to some tourists staying at the hotel across from my factory because the day before I arrived in a smaller official vehicle and noticed they stared at me somewhat condescendingly, perhaps wondering what I was doing there and in what capacity. This whole observation could have merely been me being too sensitive, but I took it to heart. The next day, I got into my big car and decided to drive to the factory for an inspection. Instead of telling my wife and myself the truth about why I was going there, I began convincing myself that I had needed to make the site visit to check on progress of an installation I had already checked on the day before. Now this was me lying to myself, finding a reason to justify my going to the factory when my real intent was to drive my big car there, park in front of the factory, and act like a big boss. I refused to acknowledge to myself that the only reason why I wanted to go there was because I had insecurities that needed to be dealt with and my showing off would not change that. Two streets away from the turn-off to the factory, I heard a whisper in my head say,

“Ema, you know you’re full of shit. You’re just going there to show off because of how those tourists looked at you the day before…”

When I heard this, I realised fully what I was doing and confessed to myself the real intent behind the actions I took. I then turned right at the junction instead and went to the office. All through the drive to the office, I had a broad smile on my face. I felt really good about what had just happened and the decision I had made. I was grateful that I was now able to resist such temptations brought about because of my insecurity, and/or my ego. I realised in that moment how much I had depended on outside events for self approval and validation. Being able to identify and act on it the way I did made me feel more in control. That’s why I suggest we all listen clearly to our thoughts, speech and observe our actions so we can evaluate the intent behind them.

We are all created the same, given the same equipment, what differentiates us is our intent. We all see reality different because we all contribute to it in our own individual way. This contribution is forged out of our intent. This intent some refer to as purpose. It is what we were created to specifically do using the tools we have been given. Everything created has this purpose. Nothing is created without purpose for it would not exist otherwise. My point is that most of us, a good many of us are living and functioning with an intent that diminishes our contributions to our collective consciousness. We are functioning less than we were created to, and this is because of those who we have permitted to be in charge of our affairs, using information and resources privy to them because of this position bestowed on them, to manipulate us into compliance with a system that serves the preservation of their status, rather than the growth and benefit of all. We are made to feel less than we are so we can function less than we should. This way our contributions are directed to serve and maintain our so called prison, and this we all do voluntarily.

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“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize”

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