Multi-discipline artist Andre Apenu aka #HumbleDemi delivers this gripping and insightful track, and short film, tackling the subject of racism and the effects it has on him mind and perceptions of the reality he has to daily contend with…

“A musical journey combining elements of rap, poetry and music production outlining what it means to be a young black person in the current climate.” – Chapter Festival, Guildhall School

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Andre Apenu aka Humble Demi


Multi-Disciplinary Artist –
Humble Demi is a multi-disciplinary artist that focuses mainly on music production. His music revolves around past experiences and sounds he has grown to associate emotional connections with, ranging from composers such as Joe Hishashi to hip hop influences like Nujabes.  

My artistry is a direct reflection of how I want to connect to the world and how I want to be perceived, I find music as more than just a source of entertainment, it see it as a universal language that I strive to tap into.


"Where words lack the depth of expression, I want my music to fill in those gaps..."

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Humble Demi Youtube

Poetry and Music

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