For some bizarre reason, I get a lot of information flow through me when I’m in the shower. The real test is remembering what flows through and writing them down before the daily routine pushes them aside. So I decided the best thing to do is record them and transcribe… still haven’t transcribed any, but I record as often as I can.

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  • 29/09/20 – Contemplating
    Contemplating – I read a floem from my book that ended with the phrase, “lets get spiritually naked”. I look specifically at the phrase in relation to the title chosen for the new book I’m writing and go off the deep end… “Something must have first created nothing, just so it could create something out […]
  • Mental Masturbation…
    10 years ago, I published a book called ‘Observing the Journey Through’. The experience gave me back my senses, allowed me to see the world through a new lens. And so I studied myself and the world surrounding me, and remembered the advice of a dear friend/mentor and decided… “Well, why not do this again?”
  • 28/09/20 – Why Think?
    The title I chose for the new book I want to write, and this was based on an experience I had with a dear acquaintance whom I met back in 2006 when I first moved to Bali… “Powerful people will NEVER educate powerless people on what it means to take the power away from them. […]
  • 07/09/20 – Dogmatic Belief Systems
    My thoughts on dogmatic belief systems and how I feel they affect the collective worldview…
  • 04/09/2020 – Thoughts for Free
    My thoughts on searching for solutions without committing to doing the work…

Quote of the day

“When you hide TRUTH you become part of the LIE.”

— Billy Vaughn
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